Odell Ruffin’s Campaign 72

Odell Ruffin and the Multi-media Training Institute of Washington, D.C. invite you to a powerful "edutainment" experience in a wonderfully one-woman show, entitled Campaign 72, about Shirley Chisholm and the glass ceilings she broke for Black Women political and financial empowerment, a legacy to embrace.. This show provides your organization with an opportunity to raise money for your own initiatives or give tickets away as you brand your organization with an ad in our program. See Below... With each ticket your organization buys and sells, you will earn a portion of the proceeds. Ti...
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Commemoration: The 47th Anniversary of the DC Black Repertory Company

NEW EVENT DATE! OCTOBER 19th, 2018 The DC Black Repertory Alumni Association and Multi-Media Training Institute commemorate The 47th Anniversary of the The DC Black Repertory Company.  The program entitled, “It Took a Village: Honoring the Achievements of the DC Black Repertory Company” will be held Friday, October 19, 7pm to 10pm at the Historic Lincoln Theater 1215 U St NW. The DC Black Repertory Company was one of the premier theater companies in Washington, DC during the 70s and 80s. [caption id="attachment_371" align="aligncenter" width="371"] This Gala is partially fun...
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