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When I found out about the LibreOffice development, I decided to ignore it. Now I am told that LibreOffice is better. I have invested a lot of time in becoming familiar with OpenOffice Basic.

Should I switch to Libre or is it time to go back to Microsoft? I like Windows 10 and have a Windows phone. LibreOffice is a forked version of OpenOffice. There are three reasons why I think LibreOffice will win. First, LibreOffice has many more programmers and far more community support.

Third, LibreOffice has a better marketing strategy. Much of the programming was done by Sun staff, and open source contributors were obliged to give Sun rights to use their code in its commercial version of Star Office. As a result, it never developed much of a community. Sun Microsystems was also failing, and it was taken over by Oracle, the database software company.

The difference in licences puts Apache OpenOffice at a disadvantage. Indeed, Apache has had to replace OpenOffice code that was copyleft-only, but when it introduced a big new sidebar, LibreOffice was able to incorporate it immediately. Apache OpenOffice has no release schedule, but will release new versions when they are ready.

This should mean that LibreOffice develops faster and attracts more users, which will attract more programmers. We’ve felt that OpenOffice was abandoned. Also, it did not handle MS Office document import very well.

It’s Microsoft Office with it’s older user interface that we are all used to. And it’s free. There is no need to pay hundreds for Microsoft Office when LibreOffice does the same thing but free. It’s basically the free, open-source version of Microsoft Word. I have been using it for over a decade now back when it was called Open Office , before Google Docs even came out.

If you need to open a Word document that Google Docs can’t open but you don’t have Word, LibreOffice is great for that.

It doesn’t open word doc format perfectly all the time. There are still some marginal differences some times. Which is okay, it is not expected to. But it can be great if that could be done. We still use Google Docs for the collaboration and most of our documents are stored on Docs. But sometimes you need something to be done in Word, and that’s when we use LibreOffice.

Enterprise software at enterprise rate is a little too expensive when there are better free options avaliable. We are a small women’s monastery and don’t have a big budget, so we look for inexpensive but dependable ways to keep costs low.

LibreOffice certainly does this. I would recommend it both to individuals and organizations. Impress Powerpoint equivalent works well for slide presentations–and I also use it for desktop publishing. The only function it lacks for that use is text flow from column to column, which I always found troublesome anyway.

I’ve been doing newsletters in Impress for many years and recommend it. I also like Libre because from the beginning it could read. So collaboration with those who use MS products has always been possible, because Libre has always had the ability to save in MS formats.

I find Calc, the spreadsheet part of Libre, good to work with except for one function which I mention below. LibreOffice is open-source software, meaning that anyone who has the skills can contribute to its development. And although The Document Foundation, which manages the development of LibreOffice, always appreciates donations, the software itself is free of charge. There is one function which may not be missing in Calc, but which for me is more difficult to use than the same function in MS Excel.

That is searching for and deleting duplicates, for example in a mailing list. I wouldn’t say it’s intuitive in either software, but easier for me to figure out in Excel. The only other thing I can say that can, but doesn’t always, make for difficulties, is if you are collaborating with a group using mixed operating systems, e.

Linux and Windows. The versions of LibreOffice for each of these OSes are just slightly different, as one might expect. A certain amount of alertness is necessary when one OS sends a document to another–occasionally formatting can change when opened in Libre on a different OS. But we have not found that to be a big problem although we have used a mix of Linux and Windows for many years. I tried LibreOffice when it forked from OpenOffice and found it more responsive to my needs, and it looked like it was heading in a better direction developmentally.

I haven’t been disappointed. Definitely recommend it. In more recent years I have looked at some other suites, online and local, but was not impressed. Originally I switched because I switched operating systems, from Windows to Linux. I still use Linux, as do some others here, but many use Windows.

LibreOffice also works very well on Windows, and has saved us a lot of money since MS stopped including its office software with the OS. Very fast up time, small footprint, efficient and effective with a familiar interface. I use it for first drafts of my books. I use it alongside MS Office which has no problem dealing with the files knowing that if I should ever be unable to maintain my MS licence, all is not lost. Definitely recommended for those who need some serious power without a serious price tag.

For many people, MS Office is bloated, expensive and a resource hog. While Libre Office doesn’t sport all the powerful features of MS Office, as a practical, no-nonsense office suite it can do just about anything you want except the very fancy stuff which, to be fair, few of us use!

For those on low incomes or even those more used to older versions of Office, this is a very efficient alternative with a familiar front end and a much smaller footprint, making it ideal for laptop computers with minimal hard-drive space. It’s kept up to date, there are forums where any issues can be highlighted and it does what it says on the tin. If you’re looking for an alternative to MS Office that’s free and will do the job in most cases, this is the one you want. There are features in MS Office full version you won’t find here, but as most of us are used to using a Word Processor with occasional forays into spreadsheets, the bulk of users won’t miss them.

There are, of course, other open source alternatives to those programmes too. The point is, if all you’re looking for is the basics, this’ll do it and it has the overwhelming advantage of being free though you can donate if you care to. If you want more, you may have to download others that aren’t fully integrated, which is rather more fiddly but is doable.

Content Management Software. LibreOffice Reviews. User Review Highlights 4. Rapid and active development of this project is plus one point here. Also it’s great that it’s open source.

The functions are the same as in MS Office. Reviews are by default sorted by Recommended to software buyers, driven by our proprietary algorithm reflecting the depth and quality of the review, recency of experience, and other factors. As a neutral reviews platform, the star rating of the review is not considered in the “Recommended” ranking, and there is currently no voting mechanism that would allow site visitors to influence the ranking.

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Facilities Services. Financial Services. Fine Art. Food Production. Government Administration. Government Relations. Graphic Design. Health, Wellness and Fitness. Higher Education. Human Resources. Import and Export. Industrial Automation. Information Services. Information Technology and Services. International Affairs. International Trade and Development. Investment Banking. Investment Management. Law Enforcement. Law Practice. Legal Services. Legislative Office. Logistics and Supply Chain.

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Recreational Facilities and Services. Religious Institutions. Security and Investigations. Sporting Goods. Staffing and Recruiting. Think Tanks. Translation and Localization. Wine and Spirits. Writing and Editing. Company Size 1 employee. Time Used Free Trial. Less than 6 months. Less than 12 months. Less than 2 years. More than 2 years. User Rating 1 star.

Showing 1 – 25 of 1, reviews. Company size: – employees. Time used: More than 2 years. Review Source: Capterra This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest review and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you.

Company size: employees. Best offline office software Great to work with, handles good MsOffice files as well. Pros This is an entirely free software and it does not make it “cheap”. Cons Sometimes requires a lot of resources such as memory and processor. Reasons for choosing LibreOffice Free and working stably. Good alternative for Microsoft Office plus its free! Pros After switching from Windows to Linux-based OS, LibreOffice really helped me to fulfill all my needs for my documents-related productivity, it supports files generated from Microsoft Office , it is free and open-source, it gets updated very often and it is kind of fast compared to its competitors.

Cons For me personally, I didn’t feel like missing some features as I don’t do that much document-related stuff and have just some basic requirements. Review Source: Capterra This review was submitted organically. No incentive was offered. Excellent product with 1 or 2 killer bugs Since we try to avoid paying excessive software rental fees i. Pros This product could fully replace Microsoft Office, if only a few bugs were removed.

Cons The program installs black horizontal lines in documents that can not be deleted. Pros LibreOffice Comes as close as possible to replicating the Microsoft Office suite of products of any of the free products we have tried. Cons LibreOffice does not replace Microsoft for us. Reasons for choosing LibreOffice LibreOffice provides a more user friendly experience and also did a better job at maintaining the document format during file conversions.

Pros After learning the specific alternatives to the icon tools and key strokes, this has been as good as the other brand’s alternative Cons A slight learning curve, but not really a problem. Reasons for choosing LibreOffice Price. Reasons for switching to LibreOffice Price. Company size: 1 employee. Industry: Farming. LibreOffice: simple and easy to use I’ve been using LibreOffice for many years for creating documents, spreadsheets and slideshows, it’s a very simple software to use and it perfectly replaces Office.

Pros Very simple to use, free, including all the necessary tools for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and slideshows. Cons In all the time I’ve used it I haven’t found a cons in this software. Industry: Law Practice.

My LibreOffice Experience Good experience. I recommend this software a lot. Pros Been looking for a word processing software to supplement Microsoft Suite due to it’s desktop software constantly crashing and discovered LibreOffice. Cons Don’t have any issues. Software met all my expectations. Industry: Internet. Complete Office suite Pros Not worry about licence management, has everything need it for basic office documents Cons MS Office document compatibility, can fail sometimes Performance could improve.

Industry: Design. Time used: Less than 2 years. Pros It’s totally free and open source and it gets regular updates which is awesome!! Cons The most annoying thing is saving documents into office file types. Reasons for choosing LibreOffice I chose libreoffice because it is totally free and almost as good as Microsoft Office. Stabil office app Pros It works fine but it is not enough for bigger things. Cons It is not integrated with other apps and not so compilicated.

One of The Best Free Office Suites Out There Pros This Freemium software breaks barriers and allows users, no matter their price range , to do all the word processing that they require. Cons The layout , while it is very similar to the competitors, does take some getting used to.

Company size: , employees. A different option for linux its good, its a great option if you are in Linux and any of them distributions Pros This is the Word office for Linux, have almost all functionalities, and is part of a package of other software than you can find in Office, it’s very intuitive Cons even is pretty similar to Word Office for male this software more similar need add more additional apps, like dictionaries or other languages. Industry: Retail. Cons Falta pulir la compatibilidad con las hojas de calculo de Excel, se debe configurar para que se guarde en formato reconocible para la competencia.


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