Organizational Capacity and Relevant Experience

The mission of Multi-Media Training Institute, Inc. is to inform, educate and inspire youth and young adults to achieve their full potential using the tools of media, computer technology, the arts and entrepreneurship.

Multi-Media Training Institute, Inc. (MMTI), located in the District of Columbia, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization that was established to engage District of Columbia (DC) youth in projects that include active civic participation in intellectual, social, and career-relevant activities. These career-focused pursuits are designed to capture the time and attention of DC youth interested in the various factors associated with media and digital literacy through exposure, teaching and hands on production opportunities that lead to post-secondary education and employment.  This effort is specifically designed to empower and motivate youth to seek the knowledge necessary for developing their skill sets and expertise as a “creative” in the media and digital career fields.

The proposed program parallels MMTI’s overall goal which is to conduct a comprehensive quality-training program in media production, computer technology skills and digital literacy wherein youth and young adults receive services and supports that will improve their employment prospects for the future by encouraging them to seek and open doors to limitless possibilities.