Stages of Digital Production

There are three main stages in video production:

Pre-production (2 weeks)

The pre-production stage is the planning stage. This involves having students conducting research, storyboarding, writing the script, costume and set design, and practicing lines. By conducting research students can have an informative base for creating their video. Storyboarding and scriptwriting is where students decide what they are going to do and say in their video. Costume and set design is when students create the setting for their video while practicing lines is just simply when students rehearse their story before the actual digital taping and recording.

Script Writing Session

Production (2 weeks)

The production stage is the actual taping and recording stage. Students will work together to document themselves. This stage requires a lot of cooperation. A student will need to do the recording, some will be talent, and maybe a student will hold the cue cards. The fundemental attribute about digital recording is that it affords students multiple opportunities to perfect their public speaking, recording, lighting and audio skills which creates a collaborative team management that is highly regarded in the modern digital workplace. At this stage digital cameras, lighting and audio will be needed; either the school is equipped or MMTI can provide. Outlets that are inexpensive such as flip cameras can be found at ( which are cheap and easily plug into a computer. Also, many digital cameras double as video recorders – some students may already have one.

Post-Production. (2 weeks)

The final stage is post-production. Equipment needed for this stage is editing software. Editing software allows you to edit the video and add photos, music, text, and voiceovers to the video. There are many different types of editing software and the prices range greatly. Luckily some are free. First, there are programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker that often comes pre-installed on most computers. Windows Movie Maker is also free to download. These programs are very user friendly and popular in classroom video-production.