"Empowering DC's youth and adults with cutting-edge media arts training, financial literacy, and high-tech job placement. MMTI's innovation supports Cultural Heritage through live performances and documentaries."

Established in 1982, Multi-Media Training Institute (MMTI) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit community-based organization was founded by Lyn Dyson to engage and inspire youth and young adults to realize and achieve their full potential.

Engage to engage to DC youth and adults that include active civic participition…….

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-MMTI Fall Youth Program

Calling for all 16-24-year-olds, if you already signed up with SYEP or CTE and have a passion for media arts? We have amazing workshops for you this fall! Fill out the form today and let’s get started! 

Mother's day Comedy Show hosted by Greg "Judge" Poole

Father's Day "Daughter of the Struggle" by Ayanna Gregory

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Address:  5073 E Capitol St SE, Washington, DC

Phone Number: 202-464-5020

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